Day and multi-day pony trekking along the top of the Drakensberg.

  • Pony trekking to isolated Basotho villages.
  • Pony supported hiking and trekking trips.
  • Note: pony trekking should be pre arranged at least five days before the trip.
  • Guided hiking trips.
  • Trout fishing.
  • In the warmer months, trips to interact with the unique lifestyle of Basotho shepherds and their animals.  Trips can be ‘tailor made’ according to the number of days you have available.

  • Pony Trekking

    Sani Stone Lodge offers the rare opportunity to ride horses along the edge of the Drakensberg Escarpment.  In addition there are other opportunities to ride to isolated villages where Basotho people live an almost timeless existence. Many of these villages can only be reached by horse or on foot, but the welcome you will receive there is unsurpassed.

    Pony-Supported Trekking

    Sani Stone Lodge can supply pack ponies to support hiking and trekking trips.


    There are almost limitless options for hiking in the surrounding Maluti Mountains and nearby Drakensberg.

    Trout Fishing

    Wild trout abound in the Sani River.

    Guided Hiking

    Guided hiking can be arranged on request.

    The Basotho Shepherds

    In the favoured high altitude communal grazing area known as the Sani Flats surrounding the Lodge, small stone walled and grass roofed shepherd’s houses (metibo) are plentiful. They are literally built from the mountain. Here the young boys of Lesotho bring sheep, goats, cattle, horses and donkeys during the summer months. The fascinating lifestyle of the shepherds can be experienced at first hand.